Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The 1000 £ Bend Board for this week - look!

'Why do you write?'

I am often asked by people, friends and acquaintances, 'why do you write?'
This was my response to one of my pen pals a few months ago:

'I write because words and phrases surface in my conscious mind as on a lake and if I do not skim them off they obscure the water;
they are my restless tenants that demand meaningful outings;
they are my keepers, but I know I am merely a whistle-stop on their way to a destination. I create the vehicle for them to get there, but beyond that...

 In a more cerebral sense, I write (poems mostly, as you know) because that is the way in which I divine meaning from things. It's a vocation, not really a choice...'