Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sunday's Market

As of last week, my Saturday session at 1000 £ Bend has been swapped to Sundays, so I can set up stall at the Hide and Seek market held there each week. I wanted to experience a different atmosphere to Tuesdays, when I'm positioned just as you walk into the cafe` and there is a mid-week lunchtime intensity. People are often ravenous and edification via a poem is an after-thought! Whereas a market encourages a more meandering pace, and those who turn up usually would like to take home a little treat. This is not to say I prefer Sundays, or that I lack commissions on Tuesdays - neither is true, as I look forward to every session as poet-in-residence! However I do enjoy the contrasts between the two days and scenarios.

At my first Hide and Seek Market - my new signage wasn't quite ready so we appropriated my childhood easel.

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